Are you a little stuck on how to communicate who you are and what you do?

Does your brand need some polish? Are you out of ideas of what to say to get noticed?

I can offer you a complete package of creative solutions as well as marketing advice for your small business. From the foundations of working out who your ideal client is, branding your business, to coming up with a marketing strategy that will get you noticed. I have oodles of ideas of how to attract new clients and how to keep your existing ones!

The process

My process starts with the basics of finding out about you. Why did you start your business and what do you want to achieve?

We also need to work out who you want to work with. When you know exactly who you’re talking to, it makes marketing simple - it’s quick and efficient and more effective too. Let's face it - you don’t have the time or energy to waste on marketing to the wrong people!

When we have these foundations in place I can create your brand identity which will reflect the personality of you and your business.

Of course, if you have this covered already, then you can slot into this process at any point and we can take it from there. I'm pretty laid back and there are no hard and fast rules here - just whatever works best for us both as a team!

Each of my clients is unique and has different requirements, so I don't offer 'off the peg' packages. However, a typical brand bundle might consist of a logo, business card, brochures, flyers and social media graphics, along with a brand guidelines document. Packages for clients with premises might also include a range of external and internal signage.
Image of Steph Cronin who provides marketing advice for small business at Black Bee Creative

An absolute pleasure to work with

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Steph on re-designing my logo and branding materials. We spoke about my business and what I was looking to achieve, which resulted in a brand that not only looks professional but that reflects me as a person too.

She’s a really easy person to get along with which makes the whole process exciting and enjoyable. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Image of Charlotte Kaye who received Marketing Advice For Small Business from Black Bee Creative
Charlotte Kaye

Marketing advice for small business

I also offer marketing advice to help you strike up a conversation with the right people. I help my clients create a strategy which is within their budget that they can follow in the time they have available so they can concentrate on the parts of their business that they really enjoy.

I am able to offer you a full range of additional services to help you get your message out there, including printing of materials, photography, illustration, copywriting, PR and event management.

I will only ever give you what you really need and would never try to up-sell you things which you wouldn't find useful. That's just not the way I work.



• Ideal client discovery call
Before you start marketing your business you need to know who your ideal client is, so you know what they want to hear! In this Zoom call we can go through a series of strategies and tools for defining your target audience and ensuring you're on the right track.

• Strategy consultation
In this 1.5 hour Zoom call we will work out a personalised actionable plan to help guide your marketing to ensure it will help you meet your business goals and objectives in the time you have available.


• Start-up branding toolkit
I will create a bespoke branding toolkit tailored to suit your requirements. A typical package might include a personalised logo, business card design, social media graphics, a pull-up banner and a flyer.

• Shop branding bundle
If you have a business premises you will want it to look like you belong! This package can include a personalised logo, brochure design, online graphics, a pull-up banner plus interior and exterior shop signage.

• General visual branding consultation
In this session we go through your existing branding and general marketing to discover what works and what could work better, in order to make it connect with your audience with maximum impact.


• Are you PR ready? consultation
This 1.5 hour consultation will see you working with PR expert Steph Pollard working through a template communications tool kit that will help you tell your business story. You’ll discuss how to customise this kit to work for your business and take away the result to finalise and put it into practice.

• Tailor-made communications toolkit
A consultation with PR expert Steph Pollard, as above, plus follow-up work to pull together and deliver your complete personal communications toolkit.

• One-year PR package
A co-ordinated year-long campaign of four positive press releases about your businessIncludes an initial one-hour consultation plus delivery of an action plan. This is a collaborative and supportive process by PR consultant and former journalist Steph Pollard for you to issue to your target media and use as premium content for your social media.
(Note that this one-year PR package is available to clients who have already undergone the 'Tailor-made communications tool kit' with Steph.)


• Website design and build
Make sure you get noticed with a fabulous website! Working together with an experienced web developer, Kim, we will design and create an effective Wordpress website of up to five pages tailored to your specific needs.
• Social media start-up bundle
To help you make a great first impression I will create logo files and header images to fit your social media profiles.

• Social media templates
I will create a set of templates for you to edit and use on your social media to ensure that your posts are on-brand.  

• Personalised social media package
Using your existing branding I will create personalised graphics each month for you to post on social media.

• The full social media package 
I will create the graphics, write engaging copy and post them on your social media for you, freeing up your time so that you do the parts of your business that you love!

• Online visual presence review
To help you work out what works and what could work better I will create a video showing your website/social media on-screen while talking through what improvements I recommend you make to ensure that your visual presence is top-notch.


• Online start-up brand bundle
This package will give you the basics to get your new business started. Includes a brand consultation with myself, a half day headshot session and half day product shot session with experienced photographer, Charlotte.
You will receive fully edited images in both high resolution and web size, with license to use for any purpose.

• Online shop product photography yearly subscription
Get a brand styling consultation and regular product shot sessions with photographer, Charlotte, at intervals throughout the year to suit you. You will receive fully edited images in both high resolution and web size, with license to use for any purpose.