You're passionate about what you do...

...and you want everything to be top notch, but you’re not sure you’re making the right marketing decisions.
You're stuck on how to tell people what you’re all about and would like some help from a branding specialist to put across your key messages.
You're ready to move your business up a gear and would like to refine your brand to reflect who you are right now.

If only you had the marketing thing sorted. Wouldn’t that be great?

Here’s how Black Bee Creative can help

Let's talk about you

Tell me what you do and why. We can get a clear idea of who you want to do business with and what you want to tell them so you’re not wasting your time talking to people who are not your target market.

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Visualise it

I can create a brand identity package which reflects how unique you are and how fabulous your business is.

This will set you apart from everyone else and your tribe will love it!

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Get your story out there

Let’s put together a bespoke, easy-to-follow strategy that will communicate your key messages direct to your existing and potential customers, keep them engaged and prompt them to buy from you!

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Why I want to help you...

I’m Steph Cronin, a branding specialist. I founded Black Bee Creative in 2013. After years of experience working in some wonderful design studios I wanted to gain some balance and spend more time with my young daughter.

I love design, creativity and communications and I want to use my skills to help good people do good things.

By starting my business I’ve managed to have a more fulfilling home and work life.

Together we can make your business work for you and help you reach your potential.

Take a look around my services, explore what I’ve done for other lovely people in my case studies, and drop me a line.

I have special place in my heart for clients who:

• are doing what they are passionate about for a living.
• want to make the world a better place.
• put their small change in the charity box.
Image of Steph Cronin, Branding Specialist at Black Bee Creative. She is sat on a pink sofa looking straight at the camera holding a yellow leopard print notebook

It was a lovely, clear and conversational process

One of the best parts of setting up my business was working with Steph on getting the branding right. It was a lovely, clear and conversational process and I am very happy with the result. Steph delivered all the materials and tools I need and none that I don’t need. No stress. Thank you.”

Image of Sue Pollard owner of Whippet PR
Steph Pollard
Whippet PR

Case studies

Steph comparing an Old George Coffee House printed menu with on-screen artwork.

Old George Coffee House

Old George Coffee House is an independent shop in Barnsley town centre which was opened by Gareth and Andrew in 2017. It fast became the town’s best loved coffee venue […]

White Apple Thinking

White Apple Thinking is a coaching business which aims to help people reach their true potential. Director Lisa Walker is passionate about enabling people to become the best version of […]
White Apple Thinking 'Lisa's Words of Wisdom' postcards scattered in a pile.

Pam Goodison Glass

Pam has been creating original glass artworks, completing restorations and taking commissions glass artworks for over 15 years. She creates her pieces in stained- and fused-glass using Verre Eglomise, alcohol […]

Active Consulting

Active Consulting is a UK based training and consultancy business that helps to transform businesses and improve people’s lives. They work with all kinds of businesses, from SME’s to global […]

Etsy Made Local

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade, vintage goods and craft supplies. Each year it sponsors a national Christmas market - Etsy Made Local - which celebrates makers and artisans […]