White Apple Thinking

The client

White Apple Thinking is a coaching business which aims to help people reach their true potential. Director Lisa Walker is passionate about enabling people to become the best version of themselves and specialises in making people more confident and gaining clarity on what they want from life.

Like many people she started out with an off-the-peg logo from an online digital marketing supplier. This served her sufficiently for her first few years, but as the business grew she felt that it no longer represented the company and so decided to refresh her visual branding.

What we did

Lisa and I arranged to meet in a tea room to chat about her existing brand and what she would like to achieve going forward.

Lisa had developed a loyal client base and didn't want to depart too far from her original logo and make her visually unrecognisable. We decided to use the existing logo as a starting point and make improvements to give it more impact.
Her original logo was a tree with thin branches and small circles of green, yellow and orange representing leaves which I felt looked a little autumnal - as if the tree was at the end of it's life. As you can see the concept has remained the same but I addressed the balance of tree and leaves, so it is now lush and thriving, which reflects what Lisa does for her clients. I grounded the tree within a square to give it more impact and added a clear sans-serif font.

When this was complete I incorporated it in to designs for a business card, letterhead, invoice template and pull-up banners.
Lisa also wanted to offer more to her clients so we brainstormed ideas and came up with a range of postcards illustrating Lisa's core messages that she uses to send personal messages to her clients, or that clients themselves could buy to send on to their loved ones.
We have also created a range of gifts such as tote bags and mugs. Most recently I adapted one of Lisa's messages "I am more than good enough" to a phone wallpaper so that her clients have a reminder of this important mantra wherever they go.

What they said

"Working with Steph is a joy! She gets to know you and your business before giving her insight into what will work, how to go about it and how to deliver it. She’s professional, personable, knowledgeable and happy to share her wisdom on all things business related that will make your business shine!"