Plan ahead for a calm new year

Are you desperate to down tools and get on with some much needed relaxation over Christmas?

Me too! It’s been one hell of a year, hasn’t it? I’m really looking forward to having a break and getting stuck into the mince pies in front of the fire!

I know that the home strait can feel like the hardest, but I would encourage you to muster up that last little smidge of resolve and keep going in order to think ahead and do some 2021 planning before you put your feet up and crack open the Christmas trifle! 

Taking a day or two to get things in order now means that you can hit the ground running in January. 

A stitch in time…

For me personally, I think that it could take me a whole week to pick up the pieces and get organised after taking Christmas off! But I wasted enough of 2020 being on the back foot to be doing that at the start of a brand new year!

By planning ahead I find it easier to remain calm – something I would like to do more of! It’s also more likely that I will see any problems that may arise in advance, and work them out easily without panicking! I must admit to spending much of my early days in business in fire-fighting mode. It was stressful and I hated it, so I try my hardest to stay one step ahead now.

So, I’m going to be taking a day or two on the run up to Christmas to plan out my intentions (which will cover my personal life and my business) and also look at my business strategy for 2021.

I hope that you feel encouraged to do the same.

Steph 🐝


If you missed the Facebook Live session I did this week with Lisa Walker from White Apple Thinking discussing how to make meaningful intentions and how to make 2021 your best year yet, you can watch the replay here.