Knowing your ideal client can set you apart from the competition

This week I’ve been pondering on what it is to be in competition with other businesses in your field.

A business friend of mine has invited me to do a live session on her Facebook page talking about how I do business at Black Bee Creative and who my ideal clients are.

She is planning a series of interviews with people talking about their different specialities of business. One of the other speakers is a branding designer, just like me.

Doubts about competition

Once upon a time this would’ve concerned me. I’d have been worried about having to ‘fight’ for clients against her. And I would probably also have been doubting myself that I’d not be as ‘professional’ or as good at speaking as her and many other self-conscious worries!

My thoughts would have been something along the lines of “Maybe I shouldn’t accept the offer because we are in direct competition of each other and people will compare us and they’ll probably prefer her because she will come across better…” Blah blah blah.

I’m happy to say that these days I don’t think like that as much. Yes, I still have the self-conscious worries – I always think I’m a terrible public speaker! But I feel like I’ve found my space in the market and I’m ok being different to other designers.

Myself and the other speaker are both branding designers. We offer the same services to our clients. But that’s where the similarities end. The way that she presents her business, the way she talks to her clients, her prices and so on, are all very different to the way that I do things. 

That’s not to say that I think she is doing it wrong and I’m doing it right, but just that we are different.

The way she does it appeals to her clients and the way that I do things appeal to the clients who want to work with me. And so we have completely different clients.

It helps that I understand the importance of being unique, and how our uniqueness makes us appeal to different people. Knowing this has given me a lot of confidence.

It’s about appeal

I’m pleased to say that we have both agreed to go ahead and do our Facebook lives on our friends page as we both know that while we are competitors in the in the field of branding design we aren’t actually in competition with each other. We’re in a different race.

Knowing your ideal client, and knowing where you sit in the market is a strength to your business that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Appealing to a specific niche helps you to stand out in a crowd and attract the people who you enjoy working with most.

Some people will get you, and some people won’t, and that’s ok. In fact it’s good, not to be liked by everyone!

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