Do you attract the wrong customers?

Are you fed up of being told that you’re too expensive?

Do you have to waste time chasing your customers for payment every month?

If you answered yes, then you are attracting the wrong customers. 

No-one appeals to everyone.

Working with the wrong people can be miserable! You’ve got enough on your plate already, so don’t waste time on marketing to them. Concentrate on the people who make you happy!

This is just one of the reasons why knowing who your ideal customer is so important.

Your ideal customer:

  • Is easy to communicate with;
  • Never asks you to cut your price;
  • Comes back over and over again;
  • Tells their friends about you;
  • Values your skills; and

They sound like a dream, right?

When you know exactly who you’re talking to it makes things simple. Marketing is quick, efficient and so much more effective!

Are you the best thing since sliced bread?

Let’s say you sell bread, for example. EVERYONE eats bread, right? The market is huge and there is something out there for everyone. But, here’s the thing – no-one sells to everyone.

The type of person who buys an economy, pre-sliced white loaf is very different to the person who buys a homemade, organic, sourdough loaf.

Each buyer is likely to have different needs, maybe a different income, and could well be in a different age bracket. 

The selling points that are important to the economy buyer might be price and convenience. Whereas the organic customer might feel that quality and taste means that cost isn’t an issue to them.

Therefore the way you should communicate with them is different too. 

The messaging you give each buyer, and the kind of language you use to talk to them should be different. It also makes sense then, that where you promote your product, and the look of the packaging, advertising etc would differ according to each.

You’ve got it all wrong!

I recently posted on Facebook asking for recommendations for gift ideas. I received lots of great suggestions, but one in particular stood out to me for all the wrong reasons. Someone showed me a photo of their product and said “The cheapest on Facebook”. And that was it. 

There was no loveliness about it. And I am ALL about the loveliness!

While their products themselves looked nice, I discounted buying from them because the way they spoke to me made me think that we’re not a good fit. I was looking for something quality and my decision wasn’t based on price. 

I wanted to hear “This is beautifully handcrafted by me using the finest quality materials.” and they basically told me “This is cheap as chips”.

It’s universal.

This advice is the same if you’re selling a service too. It’s actually even more relevant if you’re creating a long-term relationship with your client. You want to attract the clients that you find easy to work with and who appreciate your skills.

Wouldn’t that make your work so much more enjoyable?

So don’t waste your time trying to persuade people to buy something that just isn’t their bag. Concentrate on your ideal customer and things will all fall into place!

Need a little help?

As a branding and marketing designer, when I start to work with a client I need to know exactly who they want to be selling to, so that we can communicate with that person on the right level. It’s the cornerstone of everything I do.

If you need some help honing down who it is that you want to be doing business with then I offer an Ideal Client Discovery Call where we can go through a series of strategies and tools for defining your target audience and ensuring you’re on the right track. 

Get booked in here!