Things you need to tell your audience this week

The announcement last night about another nationwide lockdown being introduced on Thursday is worrying for everyone and it will affect us all in different ways. Sadly, I don’t have all the answers to make your business work in this climate, but I can offer you some guidance of positive actions that you can take right now to help get […]

Are you limiting your earning potential with your mindset?

I’ve had a few conversations lately in which people have told me that they don’t need to do much marketing because they only have a small business and don’t want to make loads of money. This left me wondering what this actually means. Why would you limit your income, even if your business gives you the […]

When it all seems too much

It’s my daughter’s birthday this weekend and inevitably at this time of year I take a moment to reflect. The saying goes “The only time you should look back, is to see how far you’ve come.” And so here it is… Ten years ago I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. It should have been […]

The basics of professional printing

Have you created a document that you’d like to get professionally printed, but don’t known how to go about it?  Maybe you’ve always printed your company newsletter on your desktop printer but love the idea of having it printed on thicker paper stock and coated with a touchy-feely velvet lamination to grab your customers attention? […]